DARKSIDE is proud to present DARKSIDE ACCESSORIES in Germany!

DARKSIDE ACCESSORIES is part of the DARKSIDE product ecosystem that comprises tobaccos, coal, and everything a shisha connoisseur may need.
In Germany, we supply three DARKSIDE hookahs models: MARS, HERMES, and ORION.
Made of top-quality materials, every DARKSIDE hookah is a blend of the modern style, rich functionality, and friendliness for use at home or at a restaurant or hook
DARKSIDE flasks harmonize seamlessly with all DARKSIDE hookah models. Handmade accessories come with one-of-a-kind appearance and shape designed for better stability.
DARKSIDE accessories are the indispensable components of a full-value hookah experience.
Tongs, molasses catchers, mats, boards, mouthpieces, and windcovers—all these items fit it perfectly with DARKSIDE hookahs to make home chill or professional experience even handier!
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